New homes vs old homes 

Why you should always pick a new build

When searching for a new home people often wonder whether they should look for an existing home or choose a new build. There can be pros and cons to each and one type of home might not be what you’re looking for. But before you dismiss the idea of a new build at the outset, here’s why we think new homes are so much better. 

100% brand new

Firstly, a new home is exactly that. It may seem obvious, but everything in the new build you purchase is yours and has never been preowned. This means that it has never been lived in, unlike existing houses. It has a fresh, pristine feel as you walk through the door for the first time, that only comes when you purchase new. With a home that’s already lived in, there are always remnants of the previous homeowners lying about somewhere – potentially to your surprise or expense!


Let’s talk about character. It’s true what they say that old houses have character, but new homes do too. People might say that new homes are all built the same in the neighbourhood you’re looking at but don’t forget, this is the same on many streets across the country. 

With a brand-new build, however, there are elements you can customise or choose from to create the home you really want. Newett Homes always adds some This beats having to make do with what someone else has built before you. Customising an old build beyond the decor will mean renovation which means a lot of upheaval and additional costs.

Energy efficiency

Technology has developed since many existing homes were built. New homes have the latest technology when it comes to insulation and energy efficiency. An old home, especially one made of stone, is much harder to heat and will likely have less insulation. 

We work with the Environment Agency at the planning stage and building control throughout the build, to guarantee you a high-specification home.

No chain

A great benefit to a new build is that there’s no previous owner, therefore you’re not locked into a chain. Once you’ve reserved the house and sorted the finances, the move-in day happens when the house is complete. 

Many complications can arise when purchasing an existing house that sits within a chain. All it takes is for one thing to go wrong somewhere along the way and the whole chain could fall apart and fall through. 

A new community

Newett Home developments usually consist of a number of houses together that act like a small new neighbourhood. Just like everyone else, you’ll be moving to this new community, meaning you’ll have something in common with all of your neighbours – you’ve all got new houses! You can use this great opportunity to break the ice and make new friends who have all decided to move to your beautiful new neighbourhood. 


As they’re brand new, newly built homes come with warranties, some extra peace of mind you won’t find with an older home. Newett Homes provide customers with a 2-year Newett Guarantee and 10-year Structural Warranty. Under this warranty, Premier Guarantee following legal completion, have defined responsibilities regarding a wide range of structural defects, should anything occur during the first 10 years after construction.


For some people, the overall cost is important to them. There’s a myth that a new home will always cost you more than an existing home, like for like, but this is not true. New homes come with many benefits including energy efficiency and warranties that can actually save you money in the long run compared to an older house. Moreover, old builds, especially those with lots of character such as Victorian or Edwardian houses can be priced around 20% over the average.  

Maintenance & existing issues

Old homes tend to require more maintenance and can be a large drain on your savings. Existing houses can be over 100 years old and aren’t built to the high standards that we have today. In addition, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting with an old home. Remnants from the previous owners such as poor plastering, old electrics etc. may exist and it’s up to you to identify them. With Newett Homes you can rest assured that everything is completed to the highest specification. 

There are often a lot of untrue myths about new homes and people don’t always see the benefits. We hope that this article gives you confidence that a brand new home could be the perfect choice for you. See here for even more information on why to buy new.