Myths about new homes busted

There are a number of misconceptions about new build homes that people seem to believe without truly researching for themselves. Allow us to save you a bit of time as we dispel some common myths about new build homes.

Myth 1 – New build homes are more expensive

This can be hard to quantify especially when there are a number of factors that can affect pricing. It depends on location, size, interior and more, not to mention the housing market is ever-changing.

However, this myth that all new build homes are more expensive is a large misconception. Upfront costs can sometimes appear more expensive than buying a pre-owned home (like for like) however, you’re very likely to incur additional costs after the sale. Whether that’s a roof repair, boiler replacement, knocking down walls or simply changing the interior to your desired specification – it all adds up. Rather than make changes later, you can get a Newett Home built exactly how you want it.
Remember that with a pre-owned home, you don’t know the full history of the house and what problems could be lurking within the walls.

At Newett Homes, we complete our homes to a very high standard and specification. Whilst our competitors charge extra for the same level of specification, we believe that it should be included in your new property without costing you more – others may charge as much as £15,000 extra.

In addition to our high-quality build, all Newett Homes come with a 2-year guarantee and a 10-year structural warranty. If anything happened to a pre-owned home, this would have to be covered by you or your insurance.

Myth 2 – New homes are bad for the environment

Some people believe that the materials needed to build new homes are harmful to the environment, but nowadays, this is not always the case if done correctly.
Newett Homes is committed to building homes that are in line with current environmental standards, working with the Environment Agency at the planning stage. Older homes were not built with the environment in mind and therefore sometimes do not meet these new standards. They also contain outdated appliances, old (and potentially retrofitted) insulation and can be harder to heat up during the winter. All of this requires extra energy and as a result, has a larger impact on the environment.
With a house designed to be greener, you can not only save energy but save money too. For example, we’re installing air source heat pumps in some of our homes which lower running costs, require less maintenance, reduce carbon emissions and last longer.

Myth 3 – Modern homes lack personality

It’s true, to an extent, that older homes have their own unique character. But this is because of the era they were built in and because they’re a rarity.

This doesn’t mean that a new home can’t have character too. After all, they can be built to your specifications, so why settle for something you partially like when you can have something you love 100%?

When it comes to design, Newett Homes combines traditional detailing with contemporary design and innovative architecture with skilled craftsmanship to give your house character for the modern era. This is achieved through stunning brick detailing, high-quality artstone plinths, headers and cills, wide bargeboards, decorative ridgework, ornate finials and more.

Myth 4 – New homes are built in the middle of nowhere

A common misconception about new build home developments is that they’re built in the middle of nowhere on the cheapest land possible. We can’t speak for other developers, but for Newett Homes this is certainly not the case.

We hand-pick all of our sought-after locations with due consideration for the amenities and transport links in the area. We always aim to give our customers the best of all worlds – access to the countryside, village life, towns and cities. Simply take a look at some of our recently completed developments and you’ll see. We’re passionate about creating a community within our developments and integrating them into the rest of the area.

We hope we’ve managed to dispel any concerns or misconceptions you have about new build properties and perhaps even consider a new build home as a viable option for you.

Our sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about our new build homes across Yorkshire. Call us on 01937 543 599 or visit our contact page to get in touch.