Top decor tips for your Newett Home

When you buy a Newett Home, you’re given a blank canvas to decorate however you wish. You don’t have to undo all decorations from a previous owner – it’s all ready and waiting for you to get started if you so wish! 

Whether it’s right away or a few years down the line, if you’re looking to add some extra personality to your new home, we’ve got a handful of tips you might want to check out. 

Home Decor Tip 1: Research the style you want

You can begin researching before you even move in. Think about how you want each room to look and feel. Do you want a similar aesthetic throughout the house or would you like different rooms to have their own distinct style? 

Think about which rooms are connected to each other, for example, if you have an open-plan kitchen, dining room and family space, you’re likely going to want to style these areas in a similar fashion. 

You can take inspiration for your desired styles online or in magazines. Social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram are particularly useful as you can save the inspiration to come back to later and organise them into folders. Don’t forget you’ll be able to select certain fixtures and features before the house is built, so make sure these fit with your master plan.


Home Decor Tip 2:  Experiment with your furniture layout

With a new build home, you won’t have any pre-conceived ideas regarding layout from previous owners – as we said, it’s a blank canvas. As you bring your furniture into your new home, it might even be tempting to settle for a layout similar to your previous home. If that works for you, that’s great. 

However, your new Newett Home is different. For your home to feel fresh and trendy, you might need a bit of trial and error for the best arrangement, but we guarantee it’s worth it. 

Think about how you want the space to look but also how you want it to be used. It has to be practical at the same time. How many guests will you usually host? Is the layout suitable for the children? 

Start by planning around the main furniture pieces such as beds, sofas and the dining table. These are the bigger investments and the main focal points, so everything else should work around these. 

Finally, with furniture layouts, you also need to consider space. Space is just as important as the furniture itself because, without it, your home can feel smaller and more crowded. 


Home Decor Tip 3: Get the lighting right 

Lighting is crucial to every home. It could make or break your interior design, so make sure you use it to your advantage. Maximise natural lighting where possible and choose table lamps and floor lamps to complement the theme of your room or home in general. 

Make sure that your seating and dining areas are benefitting from enough light. And, if you’re opting for a snug room or home office, you can play with whatever lighting suits your style. You may want to invest in a focus light to help you work or some nice colourful lights to bring a nice cosy feel to your snug. 


Home Decor Tip 4: Hold off on painting

You’ll be made aware of this via communications from our team as you go through the process, but it can take up to 12 months for a new build home to settle from the construction process. This means we wouldn’t recommend applying new paint to the walls just yet. 

Make sure you choose a style that works with your current walls and can be adapted later. The walls will start off a neutral and bright colour, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty getting them to match your decor. 


Home Decor Tip 5: Use accessories to add colour or texture

Whilst you’re waiting to paint any feature walls, you can add some colours and textures through accessories. This can be in the form of ornaments, plants or bigger furniture like sideboards and coffee tables. 

Key accessories like this that stand out really help to add character to your home and set the tone of the space. Just remember the final plans for your interiors to ensure you don’t have to switch things up too much when you finally start to apply paint or wallpaper.