How To Host The Perfect Father’s Day Garden BBQ

Find out how to host the perfect Father’s Day garden BBQ with this helpful guide from the team at Newett Homes.

How to Host the Perfect Father’s Day Garden BBQ

Father’s Day is approaching and with the weather looking promising, it’s the ideal time to get that BBQ out and celebrate the day enjoying gorgeous food from the barbie!

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks of how to create the best BBQ setting in your garden, from the best presents you could get and the tools you will need to make it a glorious day.

Using the best equipment as possible

To get you started let’s get the right set of tools for your BBQ. An investment into good tools can have you set for years and enhance the standard of the food.

Ensure that you have a stainless steel spatula, tongs, and a grilling fork that can stand up to the heat. Make sure that you also have a good pair of protective gloves as well – as it will most likely be very hot!

This checklist shows the best tools that you can use. From the standard tools to the more specialised equipment.

Get ahead of the game

Work out how many people will be attending your bbq – whether it’s small or a larger gathering. This will hopefully give you time to figure out how much food you’re going to need to cook.

Struggling to find the best BBQ foods suited to dads? Dive into these recipes and get cracking on with some of the best father’s day meals! From chicken teriyaki skewers, grilled calamari and Greek burgers. This list has it all!

You can also buy some party related decorations, to make the day extra special! You can find all the cheesy party supplies here.

Finding the perfect BBQ spot

Getting that right spot for your BBQ may not seem desperately important but it can make a difference. Firstly, figure out how much space you have in your garden and how many people will be attending your soiree.

Then decide where you want to position your BBQ – try to put it in a place where everyone can see the designated chef, particularly if your dad wants to take the BBQ reins on his special day.

Many of our Newett Homes include spacious gardens that are perfectly designed for enjoying the sun! Our gardens can make the ideal setting for kicking back and tucking into a delicious BBQ, whether you’re celebrating or not!

Choose your drinks wisely

You may play it safe by going for some beers, if you fancy something different, like this Felicia Cocktail, a drink that combines apple, vodka and cranberries. An easy to make drink that should go down well with everyone!

If you’re looking for more cocktails? There’s a dad approved cocktail list here. From Ginger Beer Margaritas to Gin Rickey! These are the best drinks to get the day into complete flow – take it slow though if you want to make it through the day though!

If you’ve got guests, young children or looking for something non-alcoholic, take a look at these alternative party drinks which should go down a treat.

How to enjoy your BBQ safely

With lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, you can now enjoy a BBQ with 5 others outside of your household in your back garden. Make sure you follow guidance and keep two metres apart, try and work seating arrangements around this.

Be sure to take your own cutlery, condiments and plates so there is minimal crossover – if you’re visiting others. You should also have hand sanitiser and soap available for visitors to use.

Always be on weather watch

We all know that british weather is somewhat unpredictable, with that being said, have your oven prepped and ready to finish off any items that get caught in a sudden outbreak of rain. Get ahead of the weather by researching the night before on weather apps.

Make contingency plans if you don’t think you’ll be able to have a bbq outdoors, look at alternatives like ordering bbq food online or having your very own bbq indoors! You can find this guide on how to cook in all kinds of weather if you’re feeling brave!

We hope you all enjoy an excellent Father’s Day with all of your loved ones! We hope this guide will help you along the way. The most important thing is that you have a wonderful Father’s Day regardless!