Step 01
Get your finances in order 

The first step towards buying a new home is to calculate how much you can borrow. You’ll also need to have a deposit in place to get a mortgage agreed in principle. At this point you’re not tied into anything, and you can still choose a different mortgage provider if you wish.

Step 02
Reserve your home 

Once you’ve found your dream Newett Homes house, our Sales Team will help you complete the reservation paperwork. You’ll also need to pay your £500 reservation deposit that will secure your new home.

Step 03
Appoint a solicitor 

The next step is to appoint a Solicitor who will take care of all the legal aspects of your home buying process. If you don’t already have one, our Sales Team can put you in touch with a choice of recommended Solicitors that are familiar with our process and can offer you a preferential rate. 

Step 04
Secure your mortgage   

Next, you’ll need to make a formal application for a mortgage, should you need one. Our Sales Consultants can put you in touch with our trusted Mortgage Specialist, Gledhills. Independent from Newett Homes, they specialise in the new build market and can handle the entire process right through to completion.  

Step 05
Personalise your home

You may already have a vision of how you’d like your new home to look. And now you can make that vision a reality with The Gallery – our new luxury inspiration centre. Here, you can choose from a wide range of beautiful extras you’d like to add to give your home that extra special finish. 

Step 06
Get a valuation and a survey 

Your mortgage lender will want confirmation the home you’re buying is worth what you’re paying for it. So they’ll organise a valuation for an agreed fee. It’s nothing to worry about, the survey simply checks the condition of your new home.

Step 07
Complete legal work 

This stage is called conveyancing and is taken care of by your Solicitor. They will check there are no legal obstacles in the way like local plans that may effect the value of the property. They will then prepare to formally transfer the ownership from us to you. 

Step 08
Exchange Contracts 

Once all the conveyancing is complete, your Solicitor will exchange contracts with us. This is when you pay your deposit and commit to buying your new home.

Step 09
Get to know your new home

This is when things become really exciting. Because we’ll invite you to your New Home Tour, where we’ll take you round your new home and show you where things are and how everything works.

Step 10
Complete & Move In 

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Once the balance of the purchase price has been received by Newett Homes, we can legally complete the sale. This is when you receive your keys and the handover team will welcome you to your new home.