Newett Homes is committed to delivering sustainable homes for the future. At every stage of our planning and design work, we go the extra mile to look at how we can save energy and water, whilst reducing waste.

Using the latest materials and technologies, we are determined to deliver environmentally friendly homes that not only help save the planet, but also save our customers money on their bills too.

In buying with Newett Homes at Buckingham Green, you can enjoy: 

Higher insulation standards

Low energy appliances and lighting, and areas which maximise natural light

Water efficient appliances

Great nearby public transport links

Carefully selected quality materials with a lower environmental impact

A healthier environment through ventilation and design.

Homes of the future


Each of our homes are carefully designed and constructed to ensure they meet the highest efficiency standards. 

A Newett home is 65% more energy efficient than a Victorian home of the same style, with airtight doors, insulated roofs and special double-glazing keeping the warmth in and the cold out.**

And it isn’t just the planet you are saving, a  Newett home can save up to 57% (or £1,410 per year) in energy spend compared with a similar Victorian property.**

*based on current specification on select properties
**based on HBF research findings